What Is Specific Provision of the Law

In loan documents, a provision for loan losses is a type of contractual provision that describes an expense set aside to allow for uncollected loans or loan payments. This provision is used to cover a number of factors related to potential credit losses. Domestic violence education groups rejected the provision, saying it would discourage victims from coming forward. This practice of sunset has its parallel in business. For example, a sunset provision in an insurance policy limits a claimant`s time to make a claim for a covered risk. If the claimant does not act within the time limit, the right to assert the claim expires. This provision provides first-time offenders with what is known as pre-trial intervention. Of course, Mr. Blanchard his son and his son`s widow in mind when he made the provision. A provision is included in the document. „Precaution” is defined as making plans to deal with a possible event in the future, or in a formal context such as a law or agreement to make something happen or exist. That something can relate to anything – a certain action that must or must not happen, a condition, etc. „That it happens” means becoming reality as indicated in the sense of the state described (specified whether it happens or does not happen).

In view of the reduction in the voting rights of employees` and investors` shares, it is possible that these voting provisions could have a negative impact on the final price of these shares. In his view, Rio Tinto has not addressed this provision of comprehensive sanctions against Iran. One of the most well-known uses of a contractual provision is the determination of the appeal of a surety. The determination of the appeal of an obligation refers to a specific date; After this date, the Company may recall and withdraw the Obligation. The bond investor may subject it to the payment of the principal amount (or the principal amount plus a premium). „Assigned revenue” means an administrative or legislative measure by which revenue from a tax, fee, contribution or other source is allocated to an account of the Special Fund for State Revenue as defined in 17-2-102 or to a local government. The meaning of „deployment” in this case is somewhat determined by the context. If it were a question about a law school exam, you would want the exact legal definition.

If, in a real-world context, you are asked to identify all the regulations that apply to a particular case, the meaning may be broader (or better considered broader). It would strengthen data protection rules, provide for tougher penalties and possibly create a new law enforcement agency. Here is a business example of deploying a contract. If an obligation includes a flexible call clause, the procedure comes into force after the expiry of the provision period for fixed calls. Flexible call protection is usually a premium to the face value that the issuer pays to call the bond before maturity. For example, after reaching the notification date, the issuer may pay a 3% premium to recover the bonds for the following year, a 2% premium for the following year, and a 1% premium for the call on the bonds more than two years after the hard call expires. Note the need for fireplaces, windows and screened doors, and food storage arrangements. A contractual provision is a provision of a contract, legal document or law. A contractual provision often requires action until a certain date or within a certain period of time. Contractual provisions are intended to protect the interests of one or both parties in a contract.

If there are provisions for changes in your digital marketing strategy, you can adapt to any situation. Tax evasion comes with a maximum penalty of five years, so it`s likely that Grimm will fall under the provision. These provisions are contained in the main or secondary clauses of the contract and are usually very specific. For example, the provision of an employment contract could stipulate that in the event that the employee misses three (3) consecutive business days without sufficient justification, the contract is terminated unilaterally and there is no room for a claim on behalf of the employee. These types of provisions are intended to establish specific rules for a particular clause of the contract. I would therefore say all the circumstances that must occur. This will depend, of course, on the particular case that is indicated. ** Think about the timing of the case, because due to this provision, only certain provisions apply after a certain date: for example, the National Security Agency`s (NSA) power to collect mass phone metadata under the USA PATRIOT Act expired at midnight on June 1, 2015. . . .