Food Contract Manufacturing Melbourne

The main benefit our customers derive from our contract manufacturing service is the ease of use of their brand. Our contract manufacturing service allows our customers to focus on the other parts of their business while knowing that the manufacturing process is for them. often at a lower cost than trying to do it yourself. The list is endless. We can adapt to any food or drink recipe you bring us! In nearly thirty years of history, we`ve gone from selling spice blends in the back of a panel van to the proud manufacturer behind some of Australia`s biggest brands. But our passion for food hasn`t changed. We should never forget that food can also be a medicine, with the power to improve our physical and mental health and immunity. We are driving change by investing in healthier products and packaging for people and the planet. Order your own assortment of mouth-watering cookies for your retail or foodservice store. Australian company Cookie Man has been making delicious wholesale cookies since 1958, including Brandy Snaps, Choc Chip, Choc Pebble, Anzac & Wattleseed, Macaroons, Shortbread Hearts, and more. Thanks to their contract manufacturing services, you can create new recipes or white label your assortment. We use flexible machines that can dispense a variety of food. We can mix and make soft and hard foods.

Our machines can process raw foods of all sizes and textures. Maltra Foods is a 100% Australian company and a leading manufacturer with a passion for turning ideas into reality. Equipped with 10.500m² specially built. At our manufacturing facilities in Victoria and Queensland, we are able to achieve world-class results. We work with and own fantastic brands that allow us to provide branded solutions to our customers in the restaurant industry. RDM Pizza started with a family recipe that has been passed down from generation to generation. Today, this 100% Australian family business shares the love of pizza with Australian consumers through their wholesale pizzas, pizza bases and dough balls, including a gluten-free option. Your contract manufacturing services can help you offer authentic Italian pizzas to your pizza-loving customers. Are you a start-up food brand that currently makes products in your kitchen or a rented commercial kitchen space? Maybe it`s time to see if a contract manufacturer can help you? Or maybe you already have a contract manufacturer, but you`re looking for something better. End-to-end food development and manufacturing with a commitment to innovation.

Assemco offers contract manufacturing of foods that can operate within a budget, making it suitable for start-ups and companies that are new to the manufacturing process. Our services are designed to help companies with little knowledge about the manufacturing process, especially start-ups. Well and Good is an Australian manufacturer and developer of gluten-free and allergy-free cooking mixes and flour blends. Well and Good manufactures products and provides services to food, retail and private label customers. Our new IQF production plant was built specifically for the contract manufacturing of frozen appetizers. If you want to increase your production capacity, if you need short-term delivery solutions or support in the formulation and production of recipes, we have the know-how to achieve your goals. From renting factory premises and equipment to complete processing, freezing and packaging, we can tailor a solution to your needs. Maltra Foods is a contract manufacturer specializing in dry mixed powders and liquid beverage bases. They provide private label packaging, product development, packaging and label design, and delivery. Talk about your needs for cooking mixes, sports nutrition products, teas, iced beverages, dessert sauces, flavored syrups, slushies, daiquiris and much more. We know first-hand what it`s like to run your own grocery store, sales can be hard to predict and it can be difficult to predict how many units you`ll sell for a new product. We can offer smaller minimum order quantities, starting with 800 units per production cycle for nut butter and starting with 4000-12,000 units for bars and other snacks.