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Our clearly defined design and construction/construction process, the ability to work in harmony with our customers, combined with our many years of experience and access to the best materials on the market have helped us achieve unprecedented success in building our clients` dream homes We always love life change. This may be due to a specific requirement or because we only need a change in life. If you feel that the house you already live in does not suit you, it can be changed or renovated according to your wishes. Remember that we are with you with wonderful ideas and you will be surprised by the final product. To build the house of your dreams, you also need to make compromises in some areas and replace them in other places. Some elements can be used as alternatives instead of materials that you can neither find nor afford. While other features could be re-evaluated based on their relevance and space availability. Especially in Sri Lanka, the installation of a separate island in the kitchen is quite rare. This is also the reason why most local contractors are not very adept at designing them in their homes, unlike the major construction companies in Sri Lanka. Once these islands have been built by them, they either don`t look like what you wanted, or they take up too much space. To get exactly what you want, do your homework in the construction industry and do your best to find a good PVT construction company. Building a home is a complicated process that requires knowledge of architectural design, building codes, building codes, and basic building elements. As a contractor, we take care of the construction of detached houses and apartment buildings, especially lots of houses and land.

In most cases, we are responsible for the entire construction process and project monitoring. However, contractors/builders and subcontractors tend to assume a certain level of design responsibility in the following way: Essentially, a professional builder has the plan of the house and performs the construction of the house according to the plan. „Experience is the best teacher in the world, but it`s the most expensive.” If you are ready to build your own home, you will find thousands of questions. But now we can help you with our experience in building your home. If you know how to properly use cost-effective methods, you can build the beauty, quality and strength of your home. Whether we are working on small renovations or multi-million rupee housing projects, world class; retail stores or warehouses; Unique hotel/villa or national chains and restaurants, our construction and construction work inspires our guests and makes us proud. We are very grateful to have visited our website and hope that you are interested in building your home. If you do business with us, you can undoubtedly also be a happy owner. MSS Homes is a company with good experience in the design and construction of houses. We mainly look at residential buildings that are not other buildings.

You can build your home using conventional construction methods or low-cost methods. However, we have seen that mixing all these methods is the best way. Buyers are also looking for eco-friendly, ventilated and spacious home designs. And while this is a big step towards protecting the environment, there are only a limited number of eco-friendly home builders who are able to capture exactly what they are looking for. That is why, as a local home builder, you need to look for different aspects of modern design and the latest trends. For luxury home builders, this standard is even higher, especially since the niche they serve is high-quality and exclusive. One of the most common architectural designs that many try to use in their homes is the open floor plan. This technique makes the house look bigger regardless of its actual size and creates a more spacious atmosphere. Buyers are also particularly interested in the materials used in the construction process and various elements such as pantry, island, bathroom and more. Therefore, when choosing materials, discuss with the customer their requirements and your opinion on what is best suited.

As one of the most experienced and reliable construction companies in Sri Lanka, we build these houses with the best or ideal building material and assign an engineer and/or architect during the main construction phases, unlike Lego, there is a great process to follow when building a house. From approving the design of your home to finding the right contractors in Sri Lanka for design construction, to sourcing building materials and providing utilities such as water supply, there is plenty to do. Therefore, since many people dream of owning a house, they also give up in the middle. While others, who struggle to finance the rest of the construction, stop the design and construction process for up to 3 years and sometimes more. To overcome this, we recommend that you decide to build your own home after budgeting your costs with a construction company in Sri Lanka. Even if you`ve dreamed about how many rooms you`d like to include, luxurious fixtures and furniture, marble tiles and kitchen islands, as well as the practicality that`s the problem, the availability of space is another limiting factor. That is, whether working with a competent architect can help with architectural design. Hello Builders is an experienced modern home building company based in Colombo, Sri Lanka. We are something special. Finding the right contractors in Sri Lanka will ensure you get your money`s worth and their experience in the industry will determine how well you can make this dream home a reality.

The best way to find such housekeepers in Sri Lanka is to evaluate their previous construction projects. Most builders now even have their own websites that display information about themselves and their home designs. Others also include reviews from previous customers that help new customers rate them better. But nothing is better than getting first-hand recommendations from those who actually used the services of these entrepreneurs. So, if there are close family members and friends who have already gained experience with a homebuilding company, you should contact them. Kedella House Construction Company introduced Virtual Design/ 3D Architecture Design & Construction as a process and technology that further enhances our services as a builder. ICON Radix is the best multi-service engineering construction company in Vavuniya, Sri Lanka. We have a good f team. We value our relationships as we use our reputation to establish beneficial partnerships that help us provide the best material, resources and talent that Sri Lanka has to offer.

When it comes to execution, our process is simple, proven, and designed to help us achieve our goals consistently/ultimately Nowadays, especially in urban areas, homes are built in close proximity to each other. Get inspired to build a charming modern house like this on a small plot like 10 perches. The square footage (nearly 2300 square feet) of this home design is smaller to fit the lifestyle of the new generation. This spacious residential building in Thennekumbura, Kandy has a total of 2 floors and is therefore very suitable for a family with a variety of residential activities. The most reliable new home builders will help you build your own home, house and plot of land Kedella House Builders has been instrumental in the construction of residential, commercial and township projects across Sri Lanka. This is an ongoing one-story residential project on an 8-port plot designed by an architect and located next to the picturesque surroundings of Haputhale, which includes 3 nominal size bedrooms, a bathroom, a living room, a kitchen and a dining room with gabled roof. The total area of the house is less than 2000 square feet (1835 square feet) Kedella „Design & Build” is at the forefront of providing efficient and sustainable luxury spaces in Sri Lanka. From the beginning, we are focused on details and processes. We are a team of leading architects, contractors, home builders and construction companies in Sri Lanka who understand the importance of precision and have built a results-oriented platform to ensure our clients achieve the best possible results over 13 years. #1 House Builder in Sri Lanak, We can help you make a custom home design/construction in your country according to your needs and budget The project involves the construction of a 3-storey luxury residential building on a 12-seater plot in the upscale Dharmaraja Mawatha district of Kandy.Once completed, the total area of this house is less than 4000 square meters, approx. 366 m² (m²). This self-contained living home has a 43-foot, 6-inch infinity roof terrace on the 3rd floor, as well as space for two water tanks.

It also houses a large recreation area on the 2nd floor and several other facilities. Are you planning to build your own house or house? Why Lex Duco, the #1 home builder in Sri Lanka? We use advanced value engineering principles during the design process to limit unnecessary costs while maintaining the highest quality and increasing the overall value of your home. In addition, we have a very high bargaining power as a professional design and construction organization, in which we buy for you at the best prices. THUS, OUR PRICES ARE COMPETITIVE! The design of your home/house is absolutely FREE when you build. Call 0773 222 555 now! Looking for home designs in Sri Lanka? Why do Lex Duco designs stand out from other home/home designs? Elegance! We have a huge design portfolio of over 500 outstanding designs for our clients to choose from OR we offer our clients the service of designing their own homes with our licensed architects. .